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Now issues with consistency

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vedis is behaving very erratically in the sense of one run of the code, will create a key/value to completion. The next run after removing the db (and it's re-created) will only store partial data, the third run won't store at all, and on the fourth only the key is set. Is this some sort of known bug? The code doing this is as simple as can be.

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append delete #1. chm

As I said in the previous post, you code logic using Vedis is 90% wrong. I'll post a correct code on how to work with the library based on the chunk of code you have provided.

:: @chm added on 28 Jul ’15 · 00:51

I recommend you to play a little bit with the Vedis python binding in order to familiarize your self with the commands and their return value:

You should also check the Vedis shell available here: (bottom page).


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