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I was very excited when I saw the announcement for Vedis and I think its feature set is really good and quite impressive.
There is only one thing that I don't understand: why should there only be a textual API to run commands? It means we can only store textual keys and values in maps and sets. I understand that the K/V store only handles binary (and it's good) but I thing it would be very cool (and more practical) to be able to have a version of vedis_exec that takes an array of vedis_value + the size of the array. The array would contain the command followed by the arguments which means you could use binary values. It would also safer (and faster?) because you wouldn't have to parse the command string.

Anyway, I still think this is really nice and I hope I'll be able to try it out in the near future!


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Yes, you're absolutely right, your suggestion should be noted as a high priority feature request.


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Is there a way to get the un-amalgamed source code? I'd like to try to implement it.

Thanks! (meeloo (at) meeloo (dot) net)

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send a request to for the latest Vedis snapshot.


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