Symisc Vedis

An Embeddable Datastore Engine

Vedis C/C++ API Reference.

These pages define the C-language interface to Vedis.

This is not a tutorial. These pages are designed to be precise. Not easy to read.

For a tutorial introduction see Vedis in 5 Minutes or Less or An Introduction to The Vedis C/C++ Interface.

This version of the C-language interface reference is broken down into small pages for easy viewing.

The same content is also available as a single large HTML or PDF file for those who prefer that format.

The interface is broken down into three categories:

List Of Objects.

This is a list of all abstract objects and datatypes used by the Vedis library. There are ten exported objects in total, but the most important one is:

  • A datastore handle represented by the vedis opaque pointer.
  • Vedis object value: vedis_value.

List Of Constants.

This is a list of numeric constants used by Vedis and represented by #defines in the vedis.h header file. These constants are things such as numeric return values from various interfaces (e.g: VEDIS_OK, VEDIS_NOTFOUND, VEDIS_BUSY, etc.).

Also, compile-time directives such as VEDIS_ENBALE_THREADS are discussed here.

List Of Functions.

This is a list of all functions and methods operating on the objects and using and/or returning constants. There are many functions, but most applications only use a handful.

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