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Vedis C/C++ API Reference - Array Type Processing.


int vedis_array_insert(vedis_value *pArray,vedis_value *pValue);

Populate a vedis array.


This routine is used to populate a vedis array object. The given vedis_value (first argument) must be of type array obtained by a prior successful call to vedis_context_new_array(). Otherwise this routine return immediately with an error code.

The second argument to vedis_array_insert() is a vedis_value obtained by a prior successful call to vedis_context_new_scalar(), vedis_context_new_array() or passed as parameter to the foreign command.

The inserted record could be extracted later using vedis_array_fetch() or vedis_array_next_elem(). Note that if you want a null entry value, simply pass NULL.

Note: This routine make its own copy of the given value pair so it's safe to use the same vedis_value for other insertions.

Note: This routine is not thread-safe.



vedis_value which must be of type array.

vedis_value to be inserted.

Return value

VEDIS_OK is returned on successful insertion. Any other return value typically (VEDIS_CORRUPT or VEDIS_NOMEM) indicates failure.


Compile this C file for a smart introduction to the array handling interfaces.

See also

vedis_array_walk, vedis_array_next_elem, vedis_array_fetch.

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